Don’t Worry, REAL Country Music is Alive and Well!

bluebonnetsI have heard and read plenty of lamenting over recent years that Country Music is dead…and with good reason. Have you heard some of the stuff being pushed out onto the airwaves lately?

Ah…but herein lies the problem; the Corporate Country that is most in the public eye is NOT Real Country Music. If you are looking for REAL Country Music, you need look no further than the Grassroots, Honky Tonkin’, Good timin’, Beer Drinkin’ music rising from the Texas/Red Dirt Country scene.

Just as in days passed we looked toward icons such as Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Merle and the two George’s, Jones and Strait to carry the torch of Real Country Music, Now we look to the likes of Cody Johnson, Cody Jinks, Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson and so many others to carry on this great tradition!

Corporate Country America will have to one day wake up and embrace this Texas Country Music Scene, or risk the danger of becoming nearly extinct like the Hammond B3 Organ is to the Church World.

Recent statistics are the true indicator of what is really happening in the music world, as listenership for “traditional” FM radio has dipped into the millions while music streaming has swelled into the billions.

Fear not fellow REAL Country Music lovers, REAL Country Music is alive and well thanks to the many great artists rising thru the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene…and to the ones who paved the way with their blood, sweat and tears.

I believe the REAL Country Music loving world will one day look back and remember fondly artists such as Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Gary P. Nun, Townes Van Zandt, Pat Green and Robert Earl Keen to name a few, for laying the foundation of the Texas Music Scene, and saving REAL Country Music!

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