Is Radio Promotion Worth It?

I don't pretend to know much about the ins and outs of the current Radio scene, but I am blessed enough to have friends who do.

Chris Fox over at my main Go To site for all things Texas Music, recently posted an article that I felt like is worthy of a little cross promotion. I will post an excerpt here, but strongly encourage y'all to click the link posted and read the entire article.

So is radio promotion still worth the money in our scene?

I think it definitely can be; but not in all scenarios. I think it’s much more complicated than “I need to get some exposure for my music, therefore I need to push a single to radio”. With less radio listeners from the younger generation, the value of getting your song on the radio has unfortunately diminished, but make no mistake, there can still be a lot of value in it; but only if it meets the right conditions.  (Click To Read More)


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